The People and Pets say NO! Project – How to Participate (Photographers)

Amateur, semi-professional and professional photographers from around the world are most welcome to take part in the project to help us raise awareness about the issue while building their portfolios.

Taking part is easy! Here is how you can do so:

Step 1: Contact The Pixel Project to let us know that you wish to take part and when you plan to have your “People and Pets say NO!” photo shoot(s). Just email us at and we will send you the necessary briefing and model release forms for your use as well as add you to our “Meet The Photographers” section and help let our supporters know about your upcoming photo shoot via our social media networks.

Step 2: Organise your photo shoot – Get your clients, friends and family members with pets organised one weekend for the shoot.

Make sure they all wear something purple for the shoot and get their statement sign done on standard white letter paper or a small chalkboard/whiteboard:

Here’s what their statement sign should say

Your name & your pet’s name
your city, your country:
We say NO!

Step 3: Complete your photo shoot by 30 September 2018. Then send us two sets of your “People and Pets say NO!” pictures in hi-res (1MB per picture) – one set with your logo watermark on the bottom right hand corner of each picture, one set without the logo watermark.

Step 4: Your pictures published! We’ll add your submitted pictures to our 2016 “People and Pets say NO!” galleries on Pinterest, Facebook and Flickr.

Still not sure what a “People and Pets say NO!” picture looks like? Check out this fine example here by Pixel Project photographer Michelle Wong:

Pets & People 1 25

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