Participating in “Portraits for Pixels” – Actions and Ideas

We make it simple for photographers to get involved. After you have registered to participate, there are just two main actions to take:

Action A: Set Up the Shoot
Photographers can choose how and when they will hold their charity photo sessions during the “Portraits for Pixels” campaign period (8 August 2011 – 23 September 2011).

Some ideas:

Idea 1: Designate a particular day or weekend during the campaign period to offer the special deal.

Idea 2: Set aside a set number of photo sessions during which you offer portrait sessions for a special price. This would work on a first-come, first-served basis. For example: “The first 25 customers who come in to take a portrait at the studio will get the special price”.

Idea 3: Get a group of your fellow photographers together to hold a charity photo session en masse.

Idea 4: The ultimate low-key approach – Just donate US$10 or more from each portrait session you already have scheduled during the campaign period.

Action B: Decide the amount to donate

We ask for a minimum of US$10 from each charity portrait client fee. E.g. If you take portraits of one client, we get US$10; If you take portraits of 25 clients, we get US$250.

However, individual photographers or groups of photographers can increase the percentage/ portion of proceeds that they donate as they see fit.

Photographers will have to state their intended donation portion in the registration form and will be given instructions on how to donate their final contribution to the Pixel Reveal campaign.

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