Why participate in “Portraits for Pixels”

Still considering whether to participate in “Portraits for Pixels”?

Here are the benefits for the participating photographers:

Benefit 1: Raising Your Profile Online 

a) A host of campaign microsite features to help raise the profile of participating photographers:

Individual Gallery Pages: We provide an individual gallery page for each participating photographer to showcase a select portfolio of their work, their bio and the link to their website.

Listings: We will compile a listings page bringing together “Portraits for Pixels” session details of all “Portraits for Pixels” sessions.

Featured Photographer Interviews: Throughout the event, we will publish interviews with some of the participating photographers who have done previous anti-VAW or charitable work so it ties in strongly with our work. If you wish to be interviewed, please contact us here.

Post-Event Highlights: Participating photographers will be encouraged to submit a selection of the best portraits taken during the campaign to be included in the “Portraits for Pixels” online gallery.

b) Social Media Shout-Outs

We will share news, interviews and microsite pages through our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and our main blog throughout the campaign.

We provide everything from website banners to Twitter avatars for your use to tag yourself as a “Portraits for Pixels” photographer.

Benefit 2: Extra Earnings

We understand that photographers have to earn a living from their work and that many photographers earn in currencies that are weaker than the US Dollar.

Therefore, we set US$10 as the minimum contribution because we want this programme to be a genuinely accessible and win-win collaboration with photographers. US$10 as a minimum will ensure that photographers will also be able to cover the expenses for the special “Portraits for Pixels” sessions at the very least.

As a participating photographer, you will be in the driver’s seat as you:

  • Set the price for the charity photo shoots.
  • Can choose to donate as little as $10 from the fees charged for each portrait session.
  • Can choose to keep the remainder of the fees to cover your expenses or to donate to the local anti-violence against women charity/nonprofit of your choice.

Of course, photographers are welcome and encouraged to contribute more than US$10 per portrait session to our campaign if their market price allow them to do so.