FAQs – Supporters

1.     What is the “Portraits for Pixels” campaign?

“Portraits for Pixels” is a 7-week collaborative campaign with photographers worldwide to raise funds towards supporting The Pixel Project’s upcoming Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign.

During the “Portrait for Pixels” campaign, participating professional photographers will put on special “Portrait for Pixels” charity portrait sessions in their community/town/city where they take family/individual portraits/headshots.

Photographers can also choose to donate an additional portion of the proceeds to a local anti-Violence Against Women nonprofit of their choice

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2.     Why hold a photography campaign? What is the connection between The Pixel Project and photography?

Portrait photography is at the heart of our flagship Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign which will be launched in the near future.

Indeed, the exclusive portraits of our 4 mystery Celebrity Male Role Models that a global audience are invited to reveal through pixel donations are courtesy of award-winning international photographer Jillian Edelstein who is The Pixel Project’s principal photographer. Jillian’s work includes the iconic Nelson Mandela portrait for the cover of the New York Times magazine.

It is only fitting that part of our campaign to raise funds to reveal pixels include photography.

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3.     How does the fundraising work?

We ask for a minimum donation of US$10 per portrait session from each participating photographer.

Photographers can also choose to donate an additional matching portion of the proceeds to a local anti-Violence Against Women nonprofit of their choice.

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4.     Why is the minimum contribution US$10 per portrait session? Why not ask participating photographers for 50% or 100% of the proceeds?

We set US$10 as the minimum contribution because we want this programme to be a genuine win-win partnership with photographers.

We understand that photographers have to earn a living from their work and that many photographers earn in currencies that are weaker than the US Dollar. US$10 as a minimum will ensure that photographers will also be able to cover the expenses for the special “Portraits for Pixels” sessions at the very least.

Of course, photographers are welcome and encouraged to contribute more than US$10 per portrait session if their market prices allow them to do so.

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5.     I am not a photographer. How can I support “Portraits for Pixels”?

There are several simple ways to support “Portraits for Pixels”:

Option 1: If you live near a “Portraits for Pixels” photographer, book a portrait session.

Option 2: If you don’t live near a “Portraits for Pixels” photographer or if you cannot afford a portrait session, you can help spread the word by downloading and displaying one of our virtual goodies on your social media account, blog or website.

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6.     How can I get my portrait done with a participating “Portraits for Pixels” photographer?

You can do so in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Check our photographer listings to find a photographer near you. Each photographer has his or her name and location stated in the “Meeting the Photographers” Listings Gallery here.

Step 2: If there is a photographer near you – or reasonably near you – then check our listings for their “Portraits for Pixels” sessions.

Step 3: Contact the photographer using the contact details stated to make your appointment!

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7.     What benefits do I get from getting my portrait done during the “Portraits for Pixels” campaign?

There are several benefits for those of you who opt to get a portrait session done with one of our “Portraits for Pixels” photographers during the campaign:

Benefit 1: By having your portrait taken during a “Portrait for Pixels” session, you will automatically ensure that at least US$10 is donated to us while getting a lovely portrait to take home.

Benefit 2: Many “Portraits for Pixels” photographers will be charging an attractive special offer/ off-peak price for their “Portraits for Pixels” sessions and you will be able to get your portrait done for a reasonable price while avoiding the holiday season portrait taking peak period.

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8.     Are the participating “Portraits for Pixels” photographers professional photographers?

Many “Portraits for Pixels” photographers have their own thriving portrait studios and several years of experience and a substantial portfolio under their belt.

Those who are not professional photographers are excellent amateur photographers who hold their own sessions with the support of their families, friends and local communities.

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9.  I have a full schedule for August and September. Can I have my portrait done after the campaign?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate this request as many photographers will be entering their pre-holiday peak business season.

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