A very warm welcome to all photographers to the registration page for “Portraits for Pixels”, and thank you for your interest in our campaign!

The first step to getting on board is to registering to participate.

Registration for “Portraits for Pixels” 2012 is now open. Please check back later this year for more details – we will announce the opening of the registration period soon!


Registration Process

We aim to keep registration simple and to provide as much assistance possible for participating photographers. Please click the button below to download your registration pack:

Download Registration Pack

The registration pack contains the following documents:

  • Registration form
  • Post-event form
  • Supporting materials checklist
  • Copy of the Photographer’s Agreement
  • Copy of the Campaign Branding and Image Guidelines
  • Copy of the FAQs
  • Copy of the Proposal Overview of the campaign
  • A set of press kit materials
  • Model release template – Adults
  • Model release template – Minors

Participating photographers will then send the completed forms and the requested accompanying materials to You should receive an email receipt from us within 48 – 72 hours.

Important Notes about Registration:

bt-cps-action-ideas                   bt-cps-reg-faqs
bt-cps-supporters-faqs                   bt-cps-photog-faqs
bt-cps-photog-agm                   bt-cps-img-id-guide