Image and Identity Usage Guidelines for “Portraits for Pixels” Photographers

Correct identification of The Pixel Project and “Portraits for Pixels” and proper usage of our identity representations insures that our message will always be clear, consistent, accurate, and effective.

The “Portraits for Pixels” identity is an important part of your belonging to the worldwide event designed to get more people interested in Violence Against Women education, prevention and remediation. Please use the correct names and registered trademark symbol in all of your publicity.

The proper identity name for this programme is:

Portraits for Pixels

All publicity for your “Portraits for Pixels” session must include reference to the official “Portraits for Pixels” website. The proper address is: 

The shortened URL is

Please note that your use of the following materials is limited to activities directly related to the “Portraits for Pixels” campaign

  • The Pixel Project’s trademarks, copyrights & logos.
  • “Portraits for Pixels” trademarks, copyrights, logos and other visual and written publicity materials.

Activities directly related to marketing, raising awareness and publicising the “Portraits for Pixels” campaign including (but not limited to):

  • Posting a “Portraits for Pixels” web banner on your website.
  • Posting a “Portraits for Pixels” announcement on your website.
  • Using a “Portraits for Pixels”
  • Sending out a e-mail blast inviting clients, friends and family to your “Portraits for Pixels” sessions.
  • Using the “Portraits for Pixels” or Pixel Project logo for any self-printed marketing brochures/posters/flyers for the campaign.
  • Providing “Portraits for Pixels” press kits to the media.
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