Diane Bollen – Orange Co, NY

Diane along with her husband, Joe Brady, owns Dragonfly Studio, a Portrait and Wedding Studio in Orange Co, NY. In addition to the work she does for her clients, she has many current nature and landscape projects, the most recent photographing a day in the life of the Prior wild mustangs in Montana and Wyoming. Her work has earned many awards including PPA loan prints, the PNE court of honor, and the CPP Competition Award. Diane began photographing nature at an early age, and her professional career took her into the area of scientific photography and digital image analysis. After many years of satellite imagery and image analysis on the Mars Rover project, Diane is once again focusing on images of this world. As one who is very concerned with social and environmental issues, Diane uses her images to teach the beauty and fragileness of our world to all.

Photos by Diane Bollen
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