Grace Tan

Grace loves life. She enjoys traveling, being with family and friends, and seeing blue skies. Her journey with photography started many years ago with a small lomo camera, simply capturing life.

Grace started her career many years ago as a video editor working in the local Film & Television industry on award winning TV programs such as 3R (Respect, Relax and Respond), films such as the Beautiful Washing Machine by James Lee, Gol & Gincu and Goodbye Boys by Bernard Chauly, amongst others. After 5 years of editing and some years directing, Grace decided to launch into the world of business & photography, and has never looked back since.

In 2007, she set up Integricity Visuals Sdn Bhd, working on corporate videos, events & photography. In 2010, she founded Stories by Integricity, an international wedding & portrait photography brand.

She enjoys capturing life for the couples and families that she photographs. The look of joy when a couple sees their wedding photos for the first time mirrors the joy she feels photographing their big day. Her bubbly personality puts everyone at ease and children relate to her easily (something to do with her small stature, surely!)

Photos by Grace Tan
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