Bloom Workshop

The idea came about when four major Malaysian female photographers – Anna-Rina, Asther Lau, Fiona Lim and Grace Tan – got together one day over a casual Sunday brunch and started talking. And what happens when four female photographers meet? They talk about photography, where the best red velvet cakes can be found and about women issues in general.

Soon they were talking about doing something for other female photographers out there who share the same love and passion. With their four vibrant personalities and different backgrounds, they found synergy. The goal was clear right from the start; to share our experiences and expertise but more importantly, from a woman’s point of view.

They believe (and know) that being a female photographer comes with a long list of advantages that work in their favor. And this is exactly what Bloom workshops is all about! Months later, over a few meals and countless emails, Bloom Workshops was born.

Their first workshop was entirely focused on empowering and inspiring female photographers in various aspects of photography. After the success of the first workshop, they expanded our focus and decided to include men, hopefully giving everyone a fresh outlook on photography from a female perspective.

Photos by Bloom Workshop
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